pics!! MP3: "Whipper" - recorded by TAGUCHIMONSTER, Jan. 2002, originally from "Songs for the Lone Adelie" independent CD release Jan 2000. Written by Brian Taguchi.


Taguchimonster was formed in the fall of 2000, and could best be described as a roots rock type outfit. Althought nameless for at least a year, the original line-up included Joel Yearsley (drums), Ron Tovich (Bass), and Rob Bailey (Guitar), all of whom were more or less borrowed from STEPHANIE EARP & THE EX-BOYFRIENDS. The bands often shared venues throughout the year, and prided themselves on minimal set-strikes between bands. Unfortunately, due to a conflict of interest between their business obligations and their love of music, Rob and Joel (see Kingston Soundworks) had to ensure that if one of them was on stage, the other was behind the mixing board. Rob then became the ultimate sound guy.

In the fall of 2001, Tovich's academic demands were mounting and Noah St. Amand would soon fill in the bass gap. It was finally time to establish a name. Brian was swiftly outvoted by Noah and Joel, and the TAGUCHIMONSTER was born. Periodic shows throughout 2001 included 2 shows with the Shooting Rubys, Goosebowl, Elixir, the Palmer Rapid Festival hosted by Paddler's Coop, and a really snowy cold night at the Oasis in Toronto. 2002 saw a great improvement in the band dynamic, which ultimately met it's demise when Brian left for Peterborough in search of full-time teacherdom in fall 2002.

Most recently, TAGUCHIMONSTER played a reunion gig at the Grad Club at Queen's University on May 22, 2004 with ASS MACHINE. Yet another fine night which has inspired more informal reunion gigs later this decade...

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