MP3: "Fet Le Tong" - recorded by PAISLEY SNEEZE, live @ AJ's Hangar in Kingston, Feb. 4, 1995. Fill yer boots with Canada's premier mid 90's Chinese buffet blitz. Written by Paisley Sneeze.

Paisley Sneeze originated at Frontenac Secondary School in 1992, brought together by a mutual love for U2, Van Morrison, and fried Chinese food. Fueled by the off-beat & witty musical antics of Matt W., Dave T., Jared S., Jeff S., and Dave C. The band played several coffee houses, school functions, and eventually moved in to the bars of downtown Kingston. Perhaps the most anticipated and supported full-length musical release at Frontenac S. S. in 1993 was TRYING MOTHER'S PATIENCE. The album thrust the band from adolescent obscurity to the forefront of issues best understood by lonely girls and deformed Jello-O figurines. The musically adept ballads such as "Amy Jane" and "Empty Birdhouse" pulled at the heartstrings of dreamers, muses, and grungers alike, while the punchy hooks in "I Just Thought You Thought" and "Fet Le Tong" were inspired by inter-sexual miscommunication and the shameless Chinese-buffet extravaganza that was only possible at the now defunct Buffet Uncle Tong's, respectively.

"I liked their Chariots of Fire intro the best. It was way cool!!" - Frontenac fan

Paisley Sneeze eventually drifted ways iin 1995 with the insurgence of university responsibilities, Jared's departure for the west, and the all-consuming world of drugs and booze. Well, not so much the latter...

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