MP3: "Masquerade" - recorded by CLEVER HANS, from self-titled independent CD released Aug. 1998. Written by David Cunningham.

CLEVER HANS was a 3-headed instrument-switching folky-prog-rock show that often saw Dave Cunningham leaping around the stage in a skirt, Justin Morton mesmerizing the crowd with his phat bass sweeps, and Brian Taguchi mumbling something incoherent in to the mic, while playing some nice fat guitar riffs.

In it's original form, circa 1993, CLEVER HANS was an entirely acoustic band, heavily influenced by CSNY. Brian and Justin played guitar, and eventually Dave came along and added some nice bongos. It wasn't until after almost 2 years of playing acoustic gigs at the QP! and an assortment of places downtown that the boys decided to go electric. Justin had never played bass before, Brian and Dave were both a few years out of practice on the drums...But, a few weeks of prep in the spring of 1997 brought the band to electric life at Ye Ol Albion Eatery, sharing the stage with the Treecats. That was so much fun, the fellas laid it to rest for almost 8 months.

January 1998 was the dawn of Clever Hans in their final form - with the QEA Battle of the Bands as their main objective. The instrument switching and whacky versions of formerly acoustic songs took shape, and we came...second!..we think...anyway, who cares - with all of the music that Clever Hans had put together over the past 4 years, it was time to clean the slate with a 17 track album, recorded on a digital 4 track (high-tech for the times!). Finished in May, the CD release was on Aug. 8 1998 at the Edward Day Gallery in Kingston, ON. Two gigs later, Clever Hans finished their career with a rockin' show with Gypsy Sol at Clark Hall Pub. Then Justin went out to Whistler, B.C. and has since settled. Dave went to Japan, played Jap-Pop with his band, S.O.S., and currently plays with BEATUYDAM in Toronto, Ontario. Brian made FUSELAGE...and then left for the deep and considerably warmer south...and now resides in the backwaters of Guelph, Ontario.

Clever Hans last reunited for some snacks this past Christmas, and were surprised to find out that the album ranked 9th on the playlist at Queen's CFRC radio in Nov or 1998..

copyright 2009 Brian Taguchi - Gonys McFly