MP3: "Slip" - recorded & written by Brian Taguchi, from "Fuselage" independent release Dec. 1998.

After about 9 years of learning piano, Brian Taguchi, a Kingston, Ontario native, started writing songs on guitar in 1992. The influences of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Cult, Black Sabbath reigned. Soon after, he bought his first 4 track, and experimented for hours on end with a variety of instruments including drums, keyboards, saxophones and guitar...the only thing missing was a voice.

Throughout highschool, Brian stuck mainly with the low-slung guitar theme. Pearl Jam, Jane's Addiction, CSNY, and the RHCP were the flavours of the hour. In 1993, Porcellus the Flying Pig (Brent Winnett, Jon Crawford, Michael Kogon, Dirk Helmstaedt and Brian) rocked hard in to the semi-finals of Stage's BAND WARZ, only to break up before the finals. Band fomations remained just as unsettled with SOUTH FACES UP, and eventually PAISLEY SNEEZE. It took several years of playing with Justin and Dave of CLEVER HANS to establish any self-confidence as a singer, and even at that, on their eponymous album in 1998, Brian intentionally mixed down the volume of his vocals...I know, I admit it...

The first attempt at a full album was in 1995; WITHER, 9 songs recorded on 4 track dedicated to his grandfather who was suffering the final stages of Alzheimers. The second album attempt was in the fall of 1998, after the rise,fall and disbanding of CLEVER HANS. In the midst of a Queen's Players show, and a reasonably light academic schedule, Brian took 4 days off of everything and recorded FUSELAGE. The album was exploratory with some songs written as they were being recorded, and others which had been developing for years. The final product was an 11 song, acoustic folk rock album with Brian playing all of the instruments...and you could actually hear the voice (for better or worse!). FUSELAGE was released early Dec. 1998, and a CD release party at the QP! was the only North American support as less than a month later, Brian was in Australia. Enter a variety of artists from Dave Brubeck to Jeff Buckley to DJ Shadow in to the influence mix...

In January 2000, Brian was home for 3 weeks, and decided to record a follow up to FUSELAGE, entitled, SONGS FOR THE LONE ADELIE. While this album was less conceptually coherent than FUSELAGE, the complexity of the songs and production quality were a considerably step forward. The songs on ADELIE provided much of the fuel for the TAGUCHIMONSTER shows, and has also been reworked and performed at several of Brian's solo shows.

Brian has been performing solo with electric and acoustic guitars irregularly for the past 3 years - including shows with QUEENSIZE at the Grad Club at Queen's, and a handful of gigs in Guelph and Peterborough. Most recently, Brian has been working with Kevin Butler and Ron Tovich to put together a full-length album based on the story AQUA GREEN SERENE, which was written back in 1999 one morning on the coast of Darwin. Recording is due to begin the end of June 2005...and is still pending.

Currently, Brian remains a "fire in - fire out" entrepreneurial type whom, while being "good" at several things, remains the master of nothing. Someday, this self-loathing will result in the release of the ever expanding catalog that remains unrecorded and unreleased, many of which have been refined over a period of 5 years or more. If New Years' resolutions prevail, the stories will soon see light.

copyright 2008 Brian Taguchi - Gonys McFly